This is a little web development poem of understanding dedicated to everybody working in the creative industry, in the hopes that we will make their day! Enjoy!

The corp I work for is creative
a field I’d say rather competitive
we need to have a big portfolio
even attend a fair in Tokyo
but that’s the best case scenario

Nobody asks us to be Einstein
simply respect the bloody deadline!
We do a lot to win the industry
Some luck, hard work, a team with chemistry
and if we fail we’ll turn to poetry!!

Each day we must update the blog
although we’d like a trip to Prague
Our SEO expert brings us traffic
keeps asking for his infographic
Oh God! This morning was a classic!

Unless we have a fresh design
our jobs and lives are on the line
The goal is to be called trendsetter
Where did I put that damn newsletter?
The more I have to show, the better!

All that we do is search the web
yet nothing rhymes except the bleb!
With our designs we have to glow
Yet sometimes my head feels so hollow
How to create the tweets to follow?

Seems fun browsing all day the net
The truth is that we have to sweat
Because the perfect clientele
demands a lot html
nothing compared to a carousel!

We seek the beauty to its max
Thank goodness we use parallax
Cause when we want to go 3d
there is no thing such a shift key
to make a sketch look like tv!

This job does not require a wand
simply a font clients are fond
no care upper or lower case
Only a rocking interface
Hey back end! Mind the database!

Our job does not involve bulldozer
Have you ever heard visual composer?
That’s why our boss pays the front end
to dazzle you with brand new trend
and make it worth of money spent

They say the customer’s the king
their wallet seem to sing ka-ching!
but clients want their site for free
What service comes with zero fee?
They must’ve spent their pounds on Wii!

But this is all I have to say
I cannot spend here all my day
bad luck my art is not for sale
I hoped you liked my little tale
and if you did send me an e-mail

P.S. Personal phone numbers to be provided to the Nobel Prize committee upon request!

Written by Vasiliki Tsavdari

as Hi-Tech Tales & Poetry


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