How essential is it to measure a SEO campaign performance? The answer is VERY. If not, you will end up spending randomly and shooting in the dark.

Why do we need to track SEO Performance?

When you implement a SEO campaign through keyword targeting, backlinks or otherwise, you aim to generate SEO traffic. In other words, drive customers who search for specific keywords to a SEO-optimised landing page and convert those leads to sales. The impact of this campaign is measurable, and the SEO performance is trackable. As important as measuring SEO performance is, it is not a simple job. Because it requires certain SEO metrics, such as SEO keyword ranking. And we get those through analytics. We use certain tools to gather and analyse data about website usage; for example, Google Analytics or Moz.

How do we track SEO performance?

The course of action in order to measure SEO performance is quite simple: We first collect a few information on the company which should give a general idea of how it performs already. Then, we provide a SEO Key Performance Questionnaire which will allow an in-depth analysis. Later, we address more issues in order to prepare a thorough SEO plan. This plan includes Core Business Goals, Business KPI, SEO goals, SEO KPIs and strategy.

The first and most important Core Business Goal is Maximising Customer Acquisition. So, our SEO expert team focus on SEO goals with all the tasks necessary to maximise customer acquisition.  We ask ourselves some basic questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? We then draw a plan to respond to these questions in line with the Business Goals and KPIs set by the company. Our SEO experts’ goal is to maximise customer acquisition through organic searches in a specific time. They, therefore, apply 5 short, mid or long term KPIs for each Company’s Core Business Goal . A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a known metric in business and displays the current performance level towards achieving the Core Business Goals. We use at least 5 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in every Company Core Goal; All these information are included in the SEO plan, which is basically a strategic map.

5 critical KPIs of SEO Performance for # Maximise Customer Acquisition – Core Business Goal

  • SEO Traffic KPI measuring the number of visits to your website as a result of organic search traffic.
  • Keywords KPI assessing the room available for improvement in search rankings. We achieve that when we compare your keyword rankings to Google’s estimated search traffic volume and competition rating.
  • Organic Search Trafic KPI This is the traffic segment called organic search traffic.
  • Keyword Click-Through Rate metrics evaluate how often your listings generate clicks in proportion to the number of times your listing appears in search results. While keyword ranking metrics are crucial for SEO analytics, keyword click-through rates demonstrate how effective your listings are at prompting clicks.
  • Content evaluation KPI is extremely useful for SEO experts. They monitor how effective and valuable the content is for your business.

These metrics are all external KPIs. That means they are available to the customers. In addition to those, there are internal KPIs, useful to SEO experts in tracking SEO Performance. They utilise them in order to fine-tune the SEO strategy to meet the Core Business Goal.

SEO services are always a Win-Win, if done right. Our SEO experts have proven results and can rightfully brag on their successes.

Written by Vassiliki Tsavdari



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