Louloudia Online

Louloudia-online.gr is a nationwide online florist in Greece. Bouquets, flower pots and gifts are delivered in a fast and efficient way. Customers get to enjoy colours, feelings, moments with their loved ones. Flowers are brought together for every special occasion.


Project Details



Market Analysis

The market analysis was based on the client’s ambition to create an online flower e-shop to the standards of an industry giant. The budgeting and consulting was determined by the end goal which involved an aggressive campaign. We have identified and put together the needs of the market and also the client’s wishes in order to be able to create the appropriate strategy.


Web Design

The design of the website was done in such a way to be very appealing, easy to navigate and order and bring out the beauty of the flowers. We had to maintain a neutral, balanced and rather minimal style to put the stress on the powerful photos of the bouquets and pots. Respecting the colour coherence was of paramount importance.


Web Development
Web Hosting

Louloudia-online.gr is an e-commerce platform. There are a few extra features in the platform such as checkout being in steps, rather than in a single form, so the navigation and the UX is optimised for the client. Order tracking has also been available. We have developed a SMS notification service for the customers when the flowers are delivered.


Web Maintenance
Web Security
Premium Support

Not only do we guarantee the safety of our website we have also responsibility over all the software updates necessary, we clean up all the dead links and also perform all of the data entry. The e-shop is closely monitored so that attacks can be prevented at all times. Louloudia-online is a platform where customer sensitive data is secure.


S.E.O – S.E.M.
S.M.O – S.M.M.
P.P.C. Campaigns

We have implemented an aggressive, target-oriented S.E.O. and S.E.M. strategy. Using various channels our S.E.O. experts have brought louloudia-online.gr on the first page at some of the most demanding keywords in the industry. P.P.C. and Facebook campaigns increased considerably the page’s traffic within a short period.