S.M.O. - S.M.M.

SMM and SMO are two terms that have changed completely the dynamic of the online advertising. Many people tend to confuse those two, ultimately underestimating their value. Whitedash knows how to clarify the distinction and also provide you with impeccable quality on both services.

Although similar in titles, S.M.O & S.M.M. are two different steps on your digital path with the S.M.O. going first. S.M.O. is the development of a website in such a way to achieve optimum exposure on social media. In Whitedash we make sure you get a social media optimised functionality and UI, meaning that your website is more likely to be shared via the social media channels.

Social Media Marketing encompasses all the activities after your website is optimised and are usually off-site. Just as we create beautiful, rich content for your website we can equally create components for your social media feed. This content includes photos, videos, blog-posts, infographics and many more always in line with your business style.

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