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Web Hosting

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Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting ?
Web hosting  is an internet type service, provided by a web hosting provider, who places your website on a high-powered computer and make it accessible via Word Wide Web (Web). The term for this ‘computer’ is called a server.

We provide this web hosting service with our new servers in both Europe and America. Our web hosting servers are running on 8 Core Opteron CPU and 24 GB DDR3 RAM, together with the last version of every add-on, needed for our servers to ensure top security and speed. Our servers are upgraded.

We notify the use of 8 Core Opteron CPU as it delivers the performance we need to:

  • Effectively run multiple virtual machines (VMs)
  • Efficiently tackle cloud, virtualization and high-performance computing (HPC) applications
  • Handle demanding database and infrastructure workloads

With 8 cores, we also benefit from increased memory channels, allowing  our web pages to bring in large blocks of data for processing and analysis, while enabling the processor to access data directly from memory. This is far faster than pulling data from hard drives.

With this combination, our clients can run additional or more robust VMs, because they can allocate greater physical memory to a VM, reducing the need to swap data in and out of memory, leaving more time for processing instructions. This allows them to quickly run applications and efficiently manage demanding workloads such as cloud computing, virtualization, HPC, database and infrastructure applications.

  • CPanel
  • fast Servers Response
  • high security
  • customised plans
  • resellers packs
  • CMS auto installation
  • CDN systems
  • latest PHP and SQL versions

Which package is best for you? Find out in less than a minute!

The primary benefit of 24 GB DDR3 SDRAM, is its ability to transfer data at twice the rate,  enabling higher bandwidth or peak data rates.

Supporting customers is our primary goal. We optimise performance of your systems, ensure stability and security. We fix problems quickly and effectively. Our prime support portal, offers the opportunity to see your invoicing history, pay online, open support tickets and read our multipurpose knowledge base You can also  chat live with one of our team members.

When you begin your search for selecting a business practice of providing space and bandwidth on a high-powered computer server that is connected to the Internet at very high speeds, in other terms, find a good “server”, always keep in mind the old adage “You get what you pay for” because it really does hold true in this case.

Before you make the commitment to host a web site, be sure to take some time and analyze what you want out of the web site and decide which factors are most important to its success. Answering these questions will get you many steps closer to choosing the servers for web hosting that’s right for you.

We are the host with the most!!


£ 79

per year
  • 1000 Mb Disk Space
  • 5000 Mb Traffic
  • 5 MySql Databases
  • 20 Email Accounts
  • 1 FTP Account
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SilverBest Choice

£ 119

per year
  • 5000 Mb Disk Space
  • 20000 Mb Traffic
  • 15 MySql Databases
  • 50 Email Accounts
  • 5 FTP Account
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£ 159

per year
  • 10000 Mb Disk Space
  • 50000 Mb Traffic
  • 50 MySql Databases
  • 200 Email Accounts
  • 10 FTP Account
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custom package
  • Aren’t our plans what you’re looking for?
  • Feel free to contact us, we’re willing to discuss your special needs
  •  and create a personalized hosting solution for you.

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