Graphic design  is a nice career option. Actually an excellent one. Yet, one does not become a graphic designer, one is born. Unlike the view of many people, mostly those involved in traditional Fine Arts, graphic design is art. Graphic designers create a bridge between businesses and customers. A bridge made of images, symbols, words, shapes and color. Although it is required to have the skills of a fine artist, a designer must also be able to work to strict deadlines. He needs to convey a message through his project. Being a designer, means not only create beauty for the pleasure of the eye.

There is always the underlying factor of effective communication. Under this restriction, a graphic designer employs various methods to achieve interaction with the audience. Canvas and paintbrush are no longer a prerequisite –still in handy nonetheless-, a designer utilizes cutting edge design tools, along with photography, calligraphy and architecture principles, printmaking, conceptual art, lithography, typography, and modern computer graphics to mention a few. As a result, a designer often reaches a very high level of awesomeness, in terms of aesthetics.

A designer’s project is not void of ideas. The ideas, the main core of the project is prominent. In the end, the artistic aspect is as strong as that of a painting. Or more. However, a graphic design is also an indispensable tool of modern marketing and advertising. Here lies the great challenge. Aside from the artistic value of a graphic design, there needs to be a clever approach depending on the project and the targeted audience. The customers need to be convinced. A logo, a poster, a web element, a billboard or anything a designer might be involved in, has to be good-looking and appealing.

Graphic design cover all ends of the creative spectrum that often overlap. This fact makes it a very demanding industry and truly successful designers usually make visual miracles!! So before you go saying “oh this is just marketers making money for the corporations” take a look at the artist behind!

Contributor: Vassiliki Tsavdari


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