The internet has transformed the market and the concept of Sales – Marketing development  in such way, that traditional  business-making is no longer sustainable.Consumers still search for quality and trustworthy brands. The modus operandi of the marketers, however, has changed dramatically. Sales strategies are more interactive than ever before. Instead of having a start point of brands and narrowing down the options, the consumers browse. While browsing, their criteria are limited to effortlessly finding exactly what they want (ever heard of SEO and SEM before?!) plus eye-catching, smart and fast design. Graphics and social media at their best! Be careful though! 2015 consumers have developed a cautious mindset in this environment of a bazillion stimuli.

Once they find what they want, they evaluate it, mostly through the opinions of peers or reviewers. Again, social media can shape the consumer opinion in the most unexpected ways! When they are ready to make their purchase, consumers need to feel safe. In this case they require a point of purchase (an e-shop). Much resembling an actual store with prices, availability, shipping terms and packaging the consumer feels safe to move forward and complete the transaction.

For the client to engage and advocate for the brand, we first need to make sure he/she is content with the services provided all the way through. This can result to a traditional word of mouth advertising or preferably positive reviews. In any case and aside from the product itself, the sale strategy lies with digital media. Utilizing the power of internet marketing is the number one way for SME to survive over their competitors and expand.

Bottom-line: in order to create the ideal sales conditions you need to play digital! Solid branding, web apps, sms marketing, SEO services, social media management are the “it” tools. In case you don’t know how to promote you business the new way, feel free to benefit from our services in our web design agency London. Marketing development is already in digital area.

by Vasiliki Tsavdari.


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