web development

Web Development

Our team guarantees that all the non-design aspects of your website such as writing mark-up and coding are well taken care of. We make things done! Whether it’d be something simple in Html5 and css3 or more dynamic such as JavaScript, PHP, or ASP, there ain’t no limit for us, no boundaries. Our team covers the entire back-end system and functionality of your site, like all pros should do!! Information architecture and web usability are our areas of expertise. Because we use a variety of Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla and our own developed cms, no matter our clients’ needs, we make everything function the best possible way! We treat your website as the extension of your activity and the very essence of your overall online presence. We ensure interactivity with your clients or colleagues for an unsurpassed UX! In bigger projects, WhiteDash looks ahead to versioning, a must of the modern web development. After all, we work on the edge of technology and we are bound to create or at least follow progress.

web development
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